Curriculum Areas

St Joseph’s is a strong professional learning community and leader of ongoing efforts to improve teaching and learning practices for all learners in our St Joseph’s community.

Key Messages

  • Gospel values reflected through all facets of learning

  • All students can gain an appreciation of, and respect and sensitivity for Indigenous Australians.

  • Differentiated teaching and learning to address the needs of individual students

  • Positive and caring relationships are important to successful learning

  • Excellent school resources to support the learning and wellbeing needs of all learners

  • Research-based teaching practices to ensure each learner is engaged, challenged and learning successfully

  • Effective communications and school community partnerships

Learning programs at St Joseph’s are based on the Australian Curriculum (English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, The Arts, Digital & Design Technologies and Health and Physical Education).

St Joseph’s school provides a holistic curriculum which includes daily Religious Education lessons based on the Religious Education curriculum.