eSmart School

St Joseph's is a registered eSmart school. eSmart provides schools with management tools to deal with bullying and cyber issues and incidents so that students feel safer and more supported at school.

St Joseph’s Catholic School places a high priority on providing Internet access and ICT resources which will enhance student learning outcomes and benefit the effective operation of the school. The school recognises that the presence in the learning environment of these technologies can also facilitate anti-social, inappropriate, and even illegal, material and activities.

How to use parental controls and other tools to maximise online safety in your home. 

Know your devices

All the devices that connect to the internet in your home offer lots of benefits. But you also need to understand the risks associated with these devices and how to protect yourself and your family. Click here for more information. 

St Joseph's Cyber Safety Policy

Code of Practice P-2 

Code of Practice 3 - 6