P&F Association:

The St Joseph’s P&F are a group of dedicated parents and friends who are passionate about supporting the school community. Our monthly meetings are welcoming and we encourage participation from anyone wishing to express their opinions and ideas.

The Parents and Friends meet on Tuesday once a month at 5:30pm. These meetings are held at the School.

Aims of the Parent and Friends Association of St Joseph’s:

  • Foster an environment of active parent participation in their child’s education
  • Engage with the School and have input into the decisions that are made at the School
  • Actively promote a positive relationship between the school and the parent body
  • Make the school a better place by financing projects that will leave a legacy to benefit existing and future students
  • Promote school spirit and a sense of a ‘family’ community within St Joseph’s School
  • Successfully manage the school tuckshop
  • Operate the second-hand uniform shop as a service to the community