St Joseph’s Student Leadership

The Year 6 leadership model at St Joseph’s is one of inclusivity. In keeping with our School Motto, “Growing together as One”, we are ALL leaders who strive to do our very best ‘for ourselves, for each other and for our community’. Everything that is undertaken in year six is done in the spirit of co-operative leadership.

On a practical level, the students become involved in numerous activities that allow them to express themselves as leaders by forming particular service groups eg Pastoral Care, Environment, Technology and Sport as their focus over the year.

Year 6 students are invited to practice their leadership as they represent St Joseph’s at various school, parish and community events such as:

  • Anzac Day Ceremony
  • religious ceremonies and celebrations
  • Catholic Education Week activities
  • organisers and helpers at our annual Athletics and Swimming Carnivals
  • ushers at most school functions, e.g. opening of new facilities, Grandparent’s Day, Remembrance Day