Digital Technologies

The effective use of today's technologies, in both teaching and learning, is integrated into all subject areas at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. 

  • St Joseph’s runs a successful one-to-one device program beginning at year four
  • Students purchase a school approved device and sign the 1-1 Device Guidelines and ICT Practices set by the school and Diocese
  • Students across the school have access to other devices such as laptops, Personal Computers and iPads in their classroom
  • Students from Prep to year 3 have class access to Personal Computers, Laptops and iPads. Group sets are allocated to each class level
  • St Joseph’s endeavours to teach all students how to manage technology
  • Teachers provide opportunities and experiences to help prepare students to become critical, ethical and resourceful users of a range of technologies 
  • The school aims to develop students as content creators and leaders in a world demanding flexible, mobile learners
  • Through effective teaching and learning, it is our goal to educate students on how to select the best tool or program to complete projects, tasks or activities and how to find new solutions to make ideas become a reality.

We are proud of our School-wide ICT culture that ensures access to digital teaching resources constantly with iPads, chromebooks, laptops, cameras, and interactive TVs.