Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)


St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School’s vision for reconciliation incorporates many aspects of our philosophy of inclusion, respect and community, as we grow together as one in God’s love. Our desire is to create and nurture a community where all cultures feel welcome and respected. Learning embraces and preserves culture and creates a future awareness that inspires ourselves, each other and our community to pursue the awareness of social justice issues for all.

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School recognises reconciliation as bringing people together to share and respect cultures and stories. In doing so, relationships between cultures will be strengthened by acknowledging the past and taking steps to move forward as a united community. 

What does a reconciled Australia look like?

We believe a reconciled Australia consists of respect and acceptance of all cultures. By embedding restorative practices, students and the school community are gaining skills in treating everyone equally and with empathy, as well as taking responsibility for personal actions. This process assists reconciliation as it challenges people to be appreciative and mindful of the varied histories dispersed throughout our community. We value our Indigenous history and strive to incorporate its teaching into the curriculum in order to improve knowledge and understanding of our First Peoples.

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